Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration before we can quote you a price.  When you write please tell us the date, time and place of your wedding.  Other items may include the type of ensemble you want such as a quartet or trio, whether you'd like an ensemble for the reception and then if amplification may be needed.  You get the picture.

Do you accept credit cards?

We can accept credit cards but ask for a 5% surcharge to cover the expense.

How far in advance should we book your ensemble?

Dates are reserved on a "first come, first served" basis, so we encourage you to book early. A deposit is required at the time of the contract to reserve a date.

Will you help choose music for our event?

Absolutely.  This is your chance to tell your guests who you are through the music.  We will discuss various parts of your wedding ceremony and advise you in selecting the perfect music for each section of your event.

What styles of music do you play?

We have a diverse repertoire ranging from classical to light jazz, movie themes, Latin, popular songs and Rock.  We continually update our repertoire with contemporary rock, R&B, and jazz arrangements.

Do you do special music arrangements?

Yes, with pleasure. We will arrange any music, the first arrangement at no extra cost.

Can you engage other instruments and/or a vocal soloist?

Yes. We engage and perform with trumpet, piano, flute, harp, organ, guitar and vocal artists.

Can you provide music for the entire event?

Yes! We specialize in performing during ceremonies, receptions, cocktail hours and many other types of private events. Because we are such a diverse group of musicians, it is even possible to have two types of ensembles for the ceremony and reception during the same event.

What about insurance? Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured, which gives our clients and us that extra peace of mind.

What do you wear?

We often wear tux or all black. Sometimes we women are asked to dress in cocktail dresses or long, formal gowns which we love to do. 

When do you arrive?

We usually arrive half an hour prior to our scheduled playing time.

Do you use amplification?

Sometimes amplification is necessary especially for receptions.  We have a Bose sound system with close mics to provide a natural sound.  There is an extra charge of $250 for this.

Do you play outdoors?

We are happy to perform for outdoor events provided that there is an alternate location in case the temperature is below 62 degrees and there is shelter from rain or direct sunlight available .

What do you require to perform?

The ensemble requires only armless upright chairs.  We bring our own stands and lights if necessary.

When is the final payment due?

We do prefer getting the balance one week prior to the event, that way neither you nor we have to think about it. 

Do we need to meet in person?

It is actually not necessary to meet in person. All details can be addressed over the phone or via e-mail, but, if you prefer meeting in person, it's our pleasure to do so...especially if there is coffee involved.

Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

It is really not necessary for us to attend rehearsals since we are very adept in timing the music to the right length. Having said that, if you are more comfortable with having one of us attend a rehearsal, we try to do so provided we aren't otherwise booked. 

My wedding ceremony and reception are in two different locations. How do you charge for that?

In a situation like this, which is quite common, we charge for the length of the engagement, including the time to travel between venues. In other words, from the start of the prelude until the end of our playing time at the reception. Feel free to contact us to discuss your event.

Linda Davis