Design your ensemble

String Quartet: 2 violins, viola, and cello   ---  For a lush string sound.

String Trio: violin, viola, and cello ---  For a clean string sound.  Can play most of the music the quartet plays.

String Trio or Quartet w/ trumpet, harp or vocalist 

Sandy Merrill singing Sinatra and Bublé  ---  A very classy, danceable act in the big band style. 

Jazz Trio: piano, bass and drums --- Check out Mark Schaffel's jazz trio at

Jazz Trio or Duo with vocalist, Sandy Merrill singing Sinatra and Bublé, ---  Very hip renditions of standard faves.
or keyboard with Sandy Merrill

Blackwire Orchestra: string quartet w/ bass, drums and keyboard playing Classic Rock ---  This is not your father's string quartet.

Blackwire Quintet: string quartet w/ bass playing Classic Rock ---  Yes, we can dispense with the drums and keyboard and still knock your guests' socks off.

Silver Strings Orchestra: 5 or more instruments playing your favorites ---  Go ahead, splurge.